Design and Practice Philosophy

FD|A believes great architecture occurs by creating experiences that leave a lasting impression on one’s senses and memory. Such experiences are orchestrated through careful consideration of all tactile, audible and visible elements outside and inside a building. Spatial organization, scale, orientation, materials, and lighting are the key elements we methodically consider to create immersive and memorable spaces.

Defining and evaluating the types of experiences we will create relies heavily on our working processes focused on research and verification. Our research initiatives are related material, fabrication and lighting studies carried out through our work as educators and critics at academic institutions. The results of our research have the intention to be integrated into our built work. Our verification initiatives are related to the work we conduct inside our office. We use a range of design tools to evaluate the qualitative aspects of the spaces we are designing. We seamlessly move between physical models, digital models, hand sketches and material samples in order to clearly understand our designs as they progress through the design and construction documentation process. We also actively integrate our design consultants (mechanical, lighting, acoustic, landscape) into this process to inform how all parts and systems in a building can affect its experiential qualities.

One of the most critical and initial aspects of our working process is to meticulously understand each clients’ desires and requirements in order to create a clear conceptual statement for each project. Our clients are mutual collaborators of this process that begins with gathering a wide range of information including the owner’s goals, organizational profile, organizational history, program needs, cultural factors, site conditions, environmental goals, etc. Our goal in this process is to establish a culture of research and innovation with our clients whereby informed questions lead to a variety of ideas and options that are rigorously tested to discover the best solution.