Projects / Union Hill Residence / Kansas City, Missouri

Images / Drawings

FD|A was asked to remodel an existing one bedroom row house in Union Hill. The existing spaces were chopped up into multiple small rooms with dated and tired finishes. Due to the narrow and deep nature of the plan 16’x45’, the existing stair, bathroom and kitchen locations were all maintained.  Our first task was to open and clarify the plan while creating distinct spaces. The second move was to open the north wall of the house to capture the views downtown, which was obscured in the existing condition. This was achieved through a wall of 9’ tall glazed doors. The east wall of the unit is a party wall condition, capitalizing on its windowless quality; the bulk of this wall is treated as unifying casework.  A series of custom cabinets contains a fireplace, kitchen, storage as well as the mechanical systems. The kitchen is intentionally subdued in order to reduce its visual impact on the overall composition.

Upstairs existing skylights are reshaped to highlight the stair’s transition from floating to solid and announce the bedroom. The second floor, split by the bathroom creates a distinct dressing nook and closet separate from the bedroom. The bedroom is anchored along the north end to capitalize on the views of downtown and lead to an outside terrace.

Overall FD|A clarified and unified the space to make spaces that are defined for a functional purpose while being continuously linked spatially.

Photography Copyright Bob Greenspan Photography