Projects / 2101 Residence / Westwood Hills, Kansas 200sf

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FD|A was asked to redesign a cramped and dated kitchen in this historic Westwood Hills home. The client was interested in finding a solution that would be contemporary, yet sensitive to the existing structure.

In the original configuration, the kitchen and dining area were one large space and a small bathroom had been added to what was originally a pantry. This bath had no toilet and this overall suite of rooms lacked any spatial clarity. FD|A defined the space between the dining area and kitchen with a large cased opening into which a breakfast bar was located. This established that each space became a continuously linked discreet room.

Within the poché of the wall we were able to add a sink to the half bath. Another feature of the remodel was a large-scale window connecting the kitchen to the back yard. This window also brings large quantities of light into this small kitchen giving it the appearance of being larger than it is.

Photography Copyright Bob Greenspan Photography