Projects / 2202 Residence / Mission Hills, Kansas 3500Sf

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FD|A was tasked to perform an extensive an interior and exterior renovation of the residence. The existing house was dated and disorganized in both plan and material expression and lacked a true master suite and main floor laundry. It was our design intent to unify the project in material expression and rework the plan to solve functional needs. The living area is conceived as series of distinct rooms that are visually and spatially linked through the central circulation core.

In the main floor master suite, we reworked the plan to eliminate a small bedroom to accommodate the master closet, bath, and a new central laundry room. An extra-wide corridor was modified to create an office space concealed behind a full height jib door.

The basement celebrates the unusual fact that the original house utilizes a poured concrete frame and slabs. The frame and ceiling are left exposed and all new partitions are treated as an infill to this frame. The basement contains an additional family room, play area, kitchenette, along with an additional two bedrooms and full bathroom.

Photography Copyright Bob Greenspan Photography