Projects / 2235 Residence / Mission Hills, Kansas 900sf

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For this project FD|A was asked to reconfigure the second foor of this 1920’s home. We reorganized the layout to create a more logical separation between the master suite and guest bedrooms. We added vestibule spaces between the main hallway and bedrooms to create a more formal transition from public to private spaces and allow the opportunity to have separate his and hers bathrooms within the master suite.

The vestibule connecting the hallway to the master suite houses a dresser and presents the entrances to her bathroom and the master bedroom. On one end of the master bedroom, the bed is surrounded by built-in nightstands and bookshelves, while the opposite end reads as a wall of six matching doors. Five of the doors reveal the built-in closet and the sixth provides a deep cased entrance through the closet to his bathroom.