Projects / Brookside Residence / Kansas City, Missouri 300sf

Images / Drawings

FORWARD was asked to design a contemporary kitchen to be inserted into an existing 1930’s Brookside Bungalow. The design opened up a kitchen and small butlers pantry into one space. We then restored the original finish and detail of the new single room. The kitchen itself is concieved as Modern furniture placed within this historical envelope. There are 2 cabinets One being oak, Full height which is the cooking storage cabinet. It houses oven, range, refrigerator and pantry. The other piece is concieved as a work bench and is white low and horizontal. It contains the sink, prep space and a breakfast nook | Home office. A small bookshelf and wall of shallow cabinets and drawers are inserted into the thickness of the wall to capture as much storage as possible.

Photography Copyright Bob Greenspan Photography