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FD|A was asked to do complete remodel, with multiple additions, to an existing mid-century ranch. The existing house was a small two bedroom home. When the client came to us, they wanted a temporary addition with the intent of razing the house within a few years. They had previously worked with another architect and felt like it wasn’t possible to get what they wanted out of this house. FD|A believed that the original house had features that would be cost prohibitive to recreate in a new house. We also believes, as a firm ethos, the most sustainable thing that could be done is to preserve a house when possible, especially one with significant architectural character.

FD|A was able to move forward designing a concept phase that would see if we could solve the issues the clients had with the project. The client desired an additional bedroom, family room, screen porch, mud room, and entry as additional program elements. Needless to say we showed them what was possible and they moved forward with the project.

It was critical FD|A maintained the overall scale and aesthetic of the original house while adding the clients desired program elements. Four additions were added to unify the overall house and solve the programmatic desires.  The first addition is to the front of the home creating an entry vestibule and covered porch. The second is small addition on the rear for a mudroom pantry within the existing roofline. There are also two moderate additions to the rear, one for the master bedroom and family room and the other for the screen porch.

The interior of the home was reworked to accommodate circulation between areas and the new lower level walk out family room. The new stair to the lower level family room was added in the primary living area of the house connecting it to these spaces as a public space. The kitchen was fully reworked as a more functional space open to the living and dining areas via a cased opening louvered wall. In the master bedroom addition the ceiling was hipped to gain volume and define the space. The master suite has a skylit wet zone containing the shower and tub.

Photography Copyright Bob Greenspan Photography