Projects / Gallery Residence / Weatherby Lake, Missouri

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This project was a full renovation of a 1970’s ranch house. The original house was chopped into multiple small-disconnected spaces. In nineties a large and awkwardly placed addition was built to capitalize on the lake view. FD|A was tasked with trying to navigate these constraints of the existing condition along with trying to negotiate the desires of the artist clients.  One of which wanted a contemporary minimal interior while the other is a collector and was more interested in the distinct rooms of the turn of the century houses.  The finished house is a series if discreet rooms that are continuously linked. The entry space acts as a gallery and has been widened to create a clear relationship to the addition. What had been the original house has now been divided into kitchen, a combined living-dining room, and an office/guest bedroom.

In the bedroom wing, a new master was created out of 2 smaller existing bedrooms. The house acts as a container for the collections of the owner. It is both contemporary, minimal and spatially open, but at the same time afford the distinction of traditional rooms.

Photography Copyright Bob Greenspan Photography