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Originally constructed in the 1890’s in Lawrence, Kansas, we transformed Delaware House into a modern home that suits the needs of its current owners while maintaining its historic charm.

The clients sought a remodel of the existing two-bedroom, 900-square-foot home and a 500 square-foot functional addition for a modest budget. They desired contrast between the original turn-of-the-19th-century house and the new addition. Specifically, they wanted to create an open living area for living and entertaining, the main suite, laundry, mudroom, stair to the basement, and two additional bedrooms. The house is in a historic district, so any design changes had to follow the historic standards set by the Secretary of the Interior, and approval by the Historic District Review Committee was required.

For the interior of the home, we created a contemporary space through the use of continuously linked, discrete rooms. The kitchen is situated under a flat ceiling, while the living and dining spaces boast a hipped vaulted ceiling. Thick bearing walls work to further define these rooms within the overall space. We also provided landscape architecture services.

The newly renovated and expanded space provides an intimate and functional container for the clients to make their home.

Photography Copyright Bob Greenspan Photography