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The Mid-Western is a single-family mid-century home in Kansas City, Missouri. Originally built in 1954, the home was revolutionary at the time for its T-shaped split-level plan, which allowed for a more spacious, two-story bedroom wing. The home was originally designed by the architecture firm Linscott, Kiene & Haylett, whose work can still be seen in many Kansas City area civic, business, religious, and educational structures. The Mid-Western was chosen by the Kansas City Star as the most popular house in the 1954 Parade of Homes and both the architecture firm and the builder, Jed K. Giles, were honored in 1956 by House and Home magazine for the Mid-Western’s contribution to housing progress.

The current owner wanted to honor the history of the house but also wanted to open up the main spaces to be more in keeping with 21st-century living and to have a larger and more gracious feel.

The biggest design challenge for this historic renovation was how to design one open space that could provide functionality for different aspects of daily life. By using the existing brick double-sided fireplace as a centering element, defined overhead planes, cabinetry, and a kitchen island to articulate defined “rooms” within the principal space we provide a sense of separation without sacrificing an open flow or abundant natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Photography Copyright Bob Greenspan Photography